Since the founding of McTeigue & Company in New York in 1895, the name has become synonymous with beauty, quality and integrity in the world of fine jewelry. Now in the fifth generation, McTeigue & Company begins a new era under the father-son partnership of Walter III and Walter IV.

Walter J. McTeigue III

In 1980, Walter McTeigue III entered the family trade as a diamond broker in the New York Diamond Dealers Club. He spent 10 years on 47th Street and traveled throughout the United States and Asia buying and selling diamonds, precious stones and estate jewelry. Recognized for his expertise in estate jewelry, Walter was hired by Harry Winston in 1990 as Estate Jewelry Buyer and soon promoted to Director of Purchasing where he was responsible for buying diamonds, precious stones and estate jewelry. In 1998, Walter co-founded McTeigue & McClelland in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. After a successful run of 22 years, the partnership ended and Walter joined with his son Wally to revive McTeigue & Company focusing on diamonds, precious stones and fine vintage jewelry.

Walter J. McTeigue IV

At a young age, Wally was introduced to the process of fine jewelry making. He worked in the estate jewelry business with his uncle, Michael McTeigue of McTeigue NY, where he studied at the Gemological Institute of America and in 2015 he received his Graduate Gemology degree. As a partner in McTeigue & Co, Wally is excited to continue the family tradition, offering the finest jewelry designs and gemstones both antique and modern.

History of McTeigue & Company

Walter Patrick McTeigue

Walter P. McTeigue was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1870. At the age of 16, he apprenticed to a jewelry manufacturing firm in lower Manhattan. He went on to become a salesman for the firm and traveled throughout the United States. In 1895, at the age of 25, he struck out on his own, founding Walter P. McTeigue & Company. Tiffany & Co. was the firm’s first customer. 

As the company’s chief designer Walter traveled regularly to Paris, then the center of the gem and jewelry trade and home to the world's leading gem traders, designers and manufacturers of the day. In addition to buying precious stones, he recruited many artisans who came to work for him in New York.

Walter J. McTeigue SR

Walter J. McTeigue Sr. joined the firm in 1920 at the age of 21. Walter J. was a man of great warmth and integrity. He developed very close relations with the buyers and salespeople at Tiffany, which he visited on a daily basis, checking up on special requests and getting orders for custom pieces. Walter J. took the helm in 1938 when his father retired, and continued in the tradition of exquisite design and excellent craftsmanship.

Walter J. McTeigue JR

In 1948 Walter J. McTeigue Jr. joined the firm and with tremendous creative energy he brought a fresh approach as well as a great deal of talent as an artist and designer.  His love was rare gemstones and he devoted himself to the study of gemology and to dealing in the finest and rarest stones. Walter had an uncompromising eye for beauty and quality in design, materials and craftsmanship.

After the death of their father in 1966, Walter and his brother T. Somers McTeigue ran the business together until 1973 when the company was sold to Krementz Brothers, a respected New Jersey manufacturer. 

Walter continued on in the business as a dealer of diamonds, precious stones and estate jewelry, traveling extensively throughout the world.

Tiffany & Company

In 1990 Tiffany purchased McTeigue & Company including all inventory, manufacturing facilities along with an extensive archive of designs for their own exclusive use. The name McTeigue & Company was never used by Tiffany.